A2B Octave Electric Bike Review

http://electricbikereview.com/a2b/octave/ a solid built, full suspension ebike that’s designed for city riding and feels more like a Vespa scooter than a bik…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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7 thoughts on “A2B Octave Electric Bike Review

  1. What is the advantage of an electric bike? What is the use of pedals? And a
    regular bike already doesnt already use energy?

  2. bought one feb 2014. Amazed at how much power it has for a E-Bike.
    I commute 7.8 km/day x 4 trips per day, dairy farm. I charge the battery
    after each ride. My truck would take 10 minutes per trip, bike takes 18
    minutes/trip. Difference is the bike is much more fun to ride. I feel alive
    again with this thing. Truck would cost $3500/year to operate, the bike
    cost $4100 to buy. I live on the west coast vancouver island and it rain a
    lot here, so I hope the bike will take all that water, but the techs say it
    is well sealed up. Only thing is the hydraulic brakes are a bit spongy, and
    the seat should be higher up(fixable?). Other than that this is the future
    for me. Bike will do 32km on the flat no problem, and an average ride is
    about 26km/hour including stops and goes and hills. 

  3. Interesting, thanks for the background! I knew they had moved the key but
    missed the rubber bit you mention. Do you own this bike or the earlier

  4. Yes I’ve owned both 1st generation and 2nd generation (with dash and safer
    key position) versions of the A2B Metro. The first generation (2008-2010
    model year) apparently had the controller inside the motor housing so lots
    of them malfunctioned / burned out. The controller is now in the back box
    under the downtube and less prone to overheating issues. The bike from 2011
    and on have been much more reliable. I have lots of urban riding videos on
    my channel. 🙂 Cheers!

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