6 thoughts on “another electric mini bike project.

  1. I also sold my 2 electric dirt bikes so the batteries are gone. The
    batteries I have left are in this video. they are worn out 12ah that came
    with the dirt bikes. The pack I was riding was a 60v 7ah pk. way faster.
    the 48v will do, but the controller I have left is a 48v controller. it’s
    slower than the controller in this vid. The seat won’t line up, but I used
    some framing brackets. they are just metal strips with predrilled holes I
    can bolt together.

  2. well after a week straight of rain I did get to ride it. The chain
    stretched out and kept poping off so I have to rebreak it I also have to
    grind a bit off the mount so that I can make the tire adjustable. Right now
    it’s all the way back with very little clearance. I could remount the
    motors further up on the plate and move the crossbar so the tire can slide.
    I’ve al;so had a hard time getting the brakes to work on the 2nd nibike.
    however I did get the 5hp motor running so it won’t be long now.

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