13 thoughts on “CATERHAM:Carbon E-Bike 2014 Review

  1. lol. nothing says overconfident like slapping the word “Carbon” in big
    black bold letters on a massive aluminum chainstay.

  2. Make it huge and bulky and then make it out of expensive materials to
    reduce weight? Either justify this frame and massive wheels with a serious
    motor, or cut the bulk.
    I like the look, and would like to see some serious entries into powerful
    electric bikes, that make no attempt to look like old motorbike technology,
    go for it. 🙂
    Horrible voice over, all that research effort and can’t find a real person
    to speak?

  3. Pretty cool looking, but why only 36V12AH, 250 watt? Maybe its weight
    considerations, but other high end E Bikes use a 60V20AH Lithium battery
    and 500 watt motor. Im not sure how much this is going to cost but it will
    be a lot Im sure, and I would want more range for that kind of dosh.

  4. That is a terrible fork design, and all in all terrible compared to
    downhill bikes you can convert to electric. 250 watt, 12Ah, and you still
    shamelessly call this a motorcycle. This thing couldn’t even take me 15k at
    a jogging pace. Also this isn’t a review… What a waste of time and
    resources; there is nothing innovative about this, nor is there anything

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