5 thoughts on “Chinese e-bike controller Hall sensor self-calibration demonstration

  1. good afternoon friend, have a 10.000W engine, the original engine do not
    have the three hall sensors, I upgraded a central 48v 1000W my doubts and
    the sequence of the three sensors THE DEPARTURE Central

  2. Hi my e bike start to vibrate and don’t move do you no what it can be I
    only no gas or diesel I love the bike never had trouble with it in till
    yesterday keep up the good work.

  3. Im looking into EV conversions also (on a modest budget) & looking to buy a
    good matched setup from which to start the tinkering
    what motor is that? any recomendations for a motor that is best matched for
    this controller? this vendors highest rated controller is 2000W, any
    suggestions on a motor from HK which would really compliment the 2000W
    controller? im hesitant to buy either just based on advertised #’s alone,

  4. is it possible to use hall sensors to synchronize multiple controllers for
    the purpose of paralleling several controllers to power a 3kw melon?

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