21 thoughts on “Commuting – electric bicycle versus road bicycle. Who wins?

  1. good video. real value of electric bikes isn’t to try to get people
    comfortable with cycling to switch, but to get people out of cars. imagine
    a city with great cycling infrastructure, separate paths for cyclists,
    tunnels or overpasses for bikes where there are busy intersections. Most
    people could get around on a ebike. World would be cleaner, fewer wars over
    oil, people would be getting at least a little exercise. Sounds great to

  2. that old man looks like a cyclist but cycles like a 12 year old. spin to
    win dude, drop a gear and beat the crap out of that old lady and her lazy

  3. Electric bikes are all well and good on short & steep gradients, But
    compare the two over 100kms of hilly terrain.

  4. Loved the video and the humour. Made me laugh. The comments made me laugh
    too, especially the weird misanthropic ones like “Oh, yeah, you’d have to
    push it after 50ks” as if the author actually rode more than 50ks each day
    one way.

  5. Let’s not forget one basic fact: he is getting at least some exercise.
    Whenever I see someone who is apparently too lazy to even pedal a bicycle,
    I think, is it any wonder we have what amounts to a virtual obesity
    epidemic not just here in the U.S. but in so many other industrialized

  6. Rigged video or ignorant road biker; skewing his uphill ascent by being in
    high gear. e-bikes are great alternatives to cars for lazy people, the
    poor, frugal or the disabled though. So nothing against ebikes, as they do
    help our climate if moving from a gas car.

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