24 thoughts on “Cyclamatic Power Plus Review 3

  1. I wasn’t trying to be an arse Mr bob beagle g was mearly pointing out a
    fact that the motor has the torque and the chain is connected to the motor
    so as you change gear with the motor on you can get higher torque from the
    motor I also have an electric bike and this is how I get the extra torque
    going up a hill as g have a lot where I live and most people do know that
    you change down the gears to get the traction you need to propel you up the
    hill and as tho motor is connected to the chain you get the torque you need
    that way.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to talk about the bike, I found it helpful..have
    one myself now and quite like it; agree it could do with more gears
    especially for those slight gradients downhill, shame people have to be
    rude and disrespectful to people they don’t know.

  3. Just pointing out that you are correct. I used your videos to put a new
    tyre and tube on my Power Plus this afternoon. Thanks

  4. Does this twat not realise that the motor has torque? And in order for the
    torque to work uphill you have to change down the gears (like you would
    when peddling) in order to get the traction to take you up a hill even with
    an electric motor IDIOT!!,

  5. Yes, you’re right it has gone up. Dunno why. To be honest it’s still a good
    buy and is still cheaper than anything else I’ve seen. I will check out the
    Woosh one though (silly name)! 36V sounds good though, it could really do
    with a power boost. I’ve seen forums where people have fiddled with the
    electrical system and got more power out of it, but I’m not that way
    inclined to start messing with a soldering iron.

  6. You can raise the speed of your engine by buying one with a higher wattage,
    all you need to make it legal is insurance, which you can get as cheaply as
    £60 for the year.

  7. we have had two of these bikes for just over a year, just for casual use.
    The batteries on both have deterioated and don’t stay charged for very long
    and now we find that we may need to replace them, at a cost of nearly £300

  8. Did you ever solve this issue. I did see your message and then forgot all
    about it. If you still need to know, I will have a look.

  9. OK, well, I’m not actually sure what screws you mean. The bit that connects
    to the frame is a Torx screw and I don’t have a Torx to get it undone. It’s
    just one screw and I believe the length is either 10mm or 11mm. It doesn’t
    protrude out of the other side. If you mean the actual cogs then they are
    connected directly through the frame, through the cogs and into the brake
    hub. I’m sure a bike shop will be able to sell you a screw though! Sorry if
    that’s not very helpful.

  10. Would you be able to tell me what screws connect the shimano gears to the
    wheel? I contacted sportshq and they refused to give me the dimension of
    the screw because i didnt buy it off them. I bought mine on a classified ad
    as faulty. I’m trying to repair it but i dont know what screws to fit in
    there. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

  11. I agree, I do lean forward too much too and I am also 6 feet. My arse seems
    to slide forward on the saddle and I’m having to lift myself towards the
    back frequently.

  12. Sports HQ website. It’s now £599 for some reason. At that price you could
    probably buy a better quality one. Don’t get me wrong, this is a good bike,
    but I don’t think it’s worth £600

  13. I think I would spend nearer £1,000 and get one that would take me up hills
    and was better made. Don’t know which, I would have to study what’s

  14. I don’t know if this helps but with the gear shift,can’t you put it on the
    left side…also the handle bars are they fixed height,I had a handlebar
    coupling that would sit in the position you have yours now and it had a
    grub screw on the side that allowed you to raise and lower the shank which
    holds the handlebars

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