Dangerous Electric Bike 40 mph

Demand quality and performance. You can bail it, shred it and treat this bike like you should be able to. The force from the hub motor plants the wheel.. M.E…

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13 thoughts on “Dangerous Electric Bike 40 mph

  1. Massive skills and balls. Too bad cagers already hate us enough… Keep
    that traffic dodging to a minimum. That sidewalk riding was amazing though

  2. dude, why are you riding the sidewalk of an empty street? if you are trying
    to demonstrate your rig’s abilities find a more practical environment.
    Besides, i can navigate much more dangerous sidewalks, i am from New

  3. Id skip all that side walk stuntin ,,, wheelies are easier when you dont
    have a motor in the front wheel also =) nice build and video bro

  4. Wow you are crazy as hell!! Going that fast on the pavement. Check out my
    bike. Cyclone 960w can hit 40mph too. But your riding skills are insane. Do
    you have full suspension?

  5. Yeah!! cool video, great tune, well edited, mad skills although you dont
    need an ebike to do that just a big hill 😉 seriously good video though,
    watch those sidewalk speeds and if the motor is a geared motor get some
    spare gears and one way bearings..your going to need em!

  6. Woah, mad riding skills no doubt… are you a motorcycle racer? Careful of
    the cagers… they are a unpredictable bunch. They may nominate you for a
    Darwin award… 🙁 Nice choice of song! Check out my ebike… I’m just
    about ready to start doing some trail riding! You should post a video of
    you shredding some dirt!

  7. The planetary has been welded so it doesn’t walk in. BMC is a great motor!
    That was 2 years ago and I feel the rim almost every time I ride and it’s
    still trucking.

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