DIY E-bike: new motor 48v 1000w

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21 thoughts on “DIY E-bike: new motor 48v 1000w

  1. That new motored wheel looks pretty slick. Is it water and dirt resistant?
    I cant wait to see your custom batts powering that :D

  2. lol oops, that was a bit of a fail. The batteries are low or just don’t
    produce enough voltage for the motor? Even when you was freewheeling it
    didn’t look like anywhere near to 1000watts.

  3. Bicycle frames are not sold by gender any more. In this, our time, they
    come in three styles: diamond frame, step-thru, and mixte. People are free
    to purchase any frame style they like.

  4. What kind of torque and top speed do you experience with your 48V 1000W
    kit? Assume zero peddling & also assume using a normal LiFe Po battery


  5. You threw all the pieces from the bike everywhere grabbed in the yard. I
    wonder if is the same in your house? My grandfather always tells me …”Do
    not fart when you’re alone,because when you’ll be with other people
    arround, you will fart without you realize or want that”. Anyway I give
    you a like because you are a begginer!…. I have a question? Are you a
    man? That is a ladies bike..

  6. hey super genius i can obtain lithium-ion cells that are 6ah i want to
    build a 48v system 12ah could you possibly recommend a bms that would work

  7. Don’t forget to use torque arms on the axles, the motor does a lot of
    strenght and it might breakt that place where you screw it, so be careful.
    I own a ebike too =P. Visit, the best eletric vehicle
    forum arround, u’ll be very welcome there.

  8. first i like your videos. i like a straight shooter and to the point. how
    ever i am interested in the actual strength of the motor. at the 1000w kit
    how much weight can it pull and for how long. all of the riders in every
    video has a skinny healthy person on the bikes reviews, but what about us
    not-so-healthy sized people? i am in the designing phase of building a quad
    bike so that my family and i can get on and go for family rides. mostly we
    do want to peddle but what about those days when you played at the park all
    day and are really tired after and just want to cruise home. fyi the weight
    would be about 500-600lbs with riders and the weight of the quad itself.
    thanks for listening.

  9. i dont have the first clue on how to build the batterys or even start the
    work but i have a GREAT idea for a electric one or two person
    scooter/chair… help ty

  10. One more thing question… I cant seem to find a 72V 1000W conversion
    kit… any suggestions? Would it be worth it to step up to a 72V?

  11. M8 unless u don’t want ur bike to get fucked, the do the connections inside
    the box. Waterproof.


    Me :(

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