18 thoughts on “DUNESDAY- HPC BIGFOOT 10,000W 2WD Electric Bike Conquers the Dunes!

  1. just a shame combustion engine motorbikes will be way cheaper, practical
    and all that for a decade or two more. 5000 for a conversion kit lmao.

  2. Awesome, makes us feel like anything is possible! We’ve just started
    selling a Surly moonlander fat bike with a 350 watt motor. Not nearly as
    powerful, but still pretty fun for riders looking to have a little fun
    around the park! – Jack

  3. You guys need wider handle bars on that bike, 31 or 32 inch will give you
    better handling and steering in that sand and any other more serious off
    road trails. Paved road and flat forest trails the slimmer bars
    are great…

  4. Opti sells. 1000w..for 10000.. & u pedel.. till u go..week in the knees !!
    ( i nearly fell 4 it !) Now we’ve hipower/hitrek..who..gve us 10000w..for
    some 5-7000$.. is this a GIFT !! I’m planning 1 for b.day ;)

  5. Considered modding a Lefty for that fat bike? I’ve been wondering how one
    would fit a motor over that solid stub, and skip all the anti-torque

  6. I own a HPC cycle that Chris and the crew built me last spring…their
    products are amazing…their quality is unmatched….Best of luck and
    CHEERS to the HPC crew…..joyous holidays to all…..

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