9 thoughts on “Easy Motion Neo Race Electric Bike Review

  1. It’s a nice looking bike, and light enough that you could pedal home if
    necessary. I’m guessing about 20 mph top speed? Wouldn’t want much more
    with a ridged frame anyway. I like that it has both a throttle, and pedal
    torque sensing modes. How long does it take to charge? I’m kind of leery of
    geared hubs though.

  2. Thanks for all the e-bike reviews! This Easy Motion looks ideal. E-bike are
    maturing. I think more people are buying. Soon batteries will be even
    smaller more powerful. Paired with new high-tech motors we will hardly be
    able to tell an e-bike from a human-powered bike. BTW: my bro owns a new
    Tesla Model S. All I can say is WOW!

  3. 40 lbs isnt bad a all for an electric bike

    I have a cheap 29er bike to which I added schwalbe marathon tyres,
    mudguards, pannier rack, rear basket lights etc, it’s nearly 40 lbs without
    the electrics!

  4. There are lots of other ebikes out there, some with higher end stuff like
    the Specialized Turbo or Haibike AMT Pro if you want better components…
    but they also cost a lot more. In my opinion the Neo series from Easy
    Motion strikes a great balance of price and quality, some of my favorite
    electric bike out there actually 😉

  5. Nice bike, it must be pretty fun to ride, but i ll cant put 3000$ in a bike
    who have components like that. It deserves better brakes,wheels…

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