19 thoughts on “Electric Bike (1000W 12S) Off-Road Trail Riding

  1. That bike isn’t going to last like this trust me.. These cheap wall mart
    bikes arn’t really made for offroad use and certainly not at these speeds.
    Its is going to break sooner or later…

  2. Could you people stop bullshitting about your ebike setups: look at this

    “khearn24 – 1 year ago
    Mine has 720w cyclone with 36v 20ah lifepo4 at 38-40 mph”

    Fucking lie, outright. 720w won’t get you up to 40 mph unless you’re going
    down a hill at full throttle. I’ve owned a 1kw Ebike and a 4.5 kw Ebike.
    The 1kw max speed is 50 kp/h. The 4.5 kW model maxes at 80 kph. 720w
    should get you a max of around 45 kph. But 64? No. Not happening unless
    you have a nice steep hill.

    “Flip1110001 – year agoin reply to RadioControlAviation
    I have a 500W 36V 12A Electric bicycle 31.06 Mph = 50Km/h :D”

    No, that’s a lie. 500w won’t get you to 31 mph. It just won’t – not on
    motor alone. It could probably get you to 20 mph (32 kph) easily enough.
    Maybe 31 on a nice hill and if you pedal or with a crazy tailwind on the

  3. Can you tell all people what happens when you run out of battery power?
    I can in short way,
    Becouse it is 1000w it is powerful with powerful magnets, you cant pedal
    home if its is over 3km, becouse that 1000 watt wheel is so hard to turn
    its like driving up hill.
    Normal bycicle tire turn for 2-3 minutes when when moved by hand once, no
    Electric tire (1000w) will spin only for 3 sec,
    Get electric tire, BUT not 1000w. Go 500w battry will last longer too.

  4. I don’t get it.
    Were you peddling, or was that all electric?
    Why 2 miles – did the batteries run out of power?
    Not being negative at all – I’m thinking of converting my bike with a 1000w

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