19 thoughts on “Electric Bike by Volkswagen Auto China 2010

  1. Chine Europe France coopération développement durable 中国欧洲法国合作 plbdeu@gmail.com says:

    Electric Bike by Volkswagen Auto China youtube 2013

  2. @quantengott BWAAahahaha…. Topic: How to piss off an American: Tell him
    that all great inventions are from China

  3. not giving pedals mean no chain and easy to fold ..would have been
    difficult to fold with pedal and chain on place

  4. @glitterboymakeup lbs ???? what the hell is that – thats no proper
    messurment – tell me you wight in standard kilogramms (or tonns:)

  5. @juanchisgt i totally agree with you ,this bike is amazing its just some
    people are assholes and always criticize new things even if they are good

  6. a year and a half passed… does anyone know ? are they selling them
    already or what ? and what is the price ?

  7. @MrKikelenon it couldn’t fold up if it had pedals and a chain, which would
    completely defeat it’s purpose

  8. 0:54 Nice, but there is no pedal, so that means there is a battery. Where
    is it stored? Each wheel attaches to wheel rim at one side only (force is
    uneven), so motor can’t be very strong, can it?

  9. here’s an amazing ‘main tip’ for you: WAWANESA- it’s cheaper than your
    company… 9 dollars a week/$36 a month is a rip-off for simple liability

  10. @MrSHITTYSHORTS Dude you are just being ignorant. Electricity is not a
    limited supply you idiot. This invention also has practical benifits. In
    case your car breaks down you can just take this out and ride to the closes
    station. Also if you have to cover a long distance you’d get tired after
    some time. This thing can you help you cover that distance with hardly any
    effort. It’s also much mobile. And if you care so much about how fat you
    are how about walking or going for a jog? Try it.

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