5 thoughts on “Electric Bike vs Standard Bike – Dahon Speed P8 vs Woosh Zephyr – folding bikes

  1. Thanks for your review Gary. Do you have any comments on the reliability of
    Woosh bikes? (accepting that there seem to be some necessary quality
    compromise with most of the sub – £1000 makes) I’m trying to decide on a
    Woosh or FreeGo. I have Brompton 6 speed but decided to keep it light
    enough for train journeys – those platform bridges and steps are killers
    with all your stuff. 

  2. Good Review Idea 🙂
    Not very technical specifications.

    ie. Weight Comparison, Range, Top Speed, etc.
    Still, I appreciate your video :)

  3. The steel frame on the speed p8 would be better suited to a bionix system,
    stronger but more supple. If i had the money i would love to give it a try.

  4. Thanks. Everyone I ask likes the Speed P8. I can’t afford the Dahon and
    Bionx system all at once either but I’m thinking of getting the Speed P8
    now and saving up for the Bionx later. Much later. 🙂

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