23 thoughts on “Electric Dirt Bike vs KTM 250 SX-F

  1. People on here are completely missing the point.

    Electric bikes will give us one thing that petrol bikes are taking away:
    Access to land.

    Without the noise and pollution the tree huggers will be toothless when
    fighting to close motocross tracks.
    Electric bikes will give you more tracks – and as for the lack of noise –
    speakers in helmets blue-toothed to throttle position should be easily
    doable. Fancy a V8 sound sir? Or a CR500? Or a lawnmower…or different
    sounds at different throttle positions…that would be cool….

    Oh and don’t forget this is the first generation – do you think they’ll
    become less powerful and heavier..? No the exact opposite will happen.

    Electric bikes will be mainstream within 10 years

    But I do love a screaming 2 stroke…

  2. One of the reason’s I race MX is because, it gets your adrenaline rushing
    when you hear all the bikes revving up on the line, especially before the
    gate drops, and you can smell all the fumes, it makes it a lot more of an
    adrenaline rush, plus I love hearing my engine rev out and its nice too
    because you can tell if people are on your ass or not…. It makes the
    sport what it is…. If it turns electric, I’m done, I might as well race
    RC cars at that point, they’re like the same damn thing…. The bikes and
    motors and gas and pre mix really make up what mx is…

  3. how can you call that video “vs”.. they didnt run side by side, the shots
    of one bike werent the same for the other.. there was no comparison at
    all… pointless. 

  4. That moment when you suddenly see combustion vehicles for the noisy,
    smelly, smoky, oily dinosaurs they are. When a combustion car goes by
    nowdays I get the same comical feeling I used to get when really old
    veteran cars drove by, you know those that sounds more like a
    tractor/diesel boat than a car.

  5. i honestly think the electric bike would be a good warm-up bike… because
    after riding that quiet bike you’d be soo pumped on adrenalin that you’d
    fucking rip on a real dirt bike or that’s just me

  6. I see a use for this I have a ktm 250sx great bike love the power when I
    hunt I ride out at 3am 20 min ride walk 30 minutes to stand with the quiet
    of the electric bike I could get right to my stand without any deer hearing
    me but I will never get rid of my KTM can’t live without it need that
    braappp braappp 

  7. Electric

    the comments of the ppl who prefer gas reminds me to the harley davidson
    bikers episode of south park .


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