11 thoughts on “Electric Mobility Scooter – E-Wheels – EW-600

  1. I think you should’ve also included in this video that it is legal, most
    everywhere in the US to ride this thing in the bike lane. thank you.

  2. I checked all the circuits and connections in the headlight compartment. I
    have a voltmeter and I know electronics somewhat. I built a car 30 yrs ago
    and wired it from scratch. Also, the wires under the seat are a nightmare
    for checking stuff.

  3. I have had an EW-600 for 2 years for the most part it has been ok,but in
    terms of help from the company…for parts etc… forget it,not
    available….this is from the website…No help desk at
    support.ewheelsdealers There is no help desk configured at this address.
    This means that the address is available and that you can claim it at if
    you dont have a good electric bike/scooter shop near by BEWARE

  4. theres definitely an open in the circuitry somewhere. Do you know anything
    about electronics, do you have a voltmeter?

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