Evelo Aries Electric Bike Review

http://electricbikereview.com/evelo/2013-aries/ Lower priced full suspension electric bike with some medium and low end components. Has a front Rock Shox for…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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15 thoughts on “Evelo Aries Electric Bike Review

  1. Wow. I find your reviewing very inconsistent.The Evelo Aries according to
    you has a “cool set up”. It has a “nice cargo rack”and overall you seem to
    have a very positive attitude about the components. Meanwhile, for the Igo
    Urban review you say your not a fan of the gear drive,which is the same,
    you claim it has a “cheap” saddle rack and overall you claim it has low
    Therefore, although I appreciate you giving a review, I find it hard to
    take it seriously.

  2. I got an offer from EVELO to finance for 5 years @ 14.99 AR . The bike may
    come with Vince shifter? Some type of internal shifting. Forgive me for I
    am not up on bicycle slang. My question is the bicycle worth it? As of now
    I ride my motorcycle 32 miles a day to visit my wife who lives in a nursing
    home. I live in Massachusetts and riding is not year round. I am in my
    middle 60’s and not in tip top shape. What is your opinion. I think it is
    not worth it but I have been wrong in the past so a informed opinion from a
    professional Electric bicycle mechanic would be helpful. 

  3. I really like the looks of this bike a lot. The price seems good too. I’m
    guessing if you just use the throttle you avoid any issues with the power
    delay. What’s the top speed, and usable range? How long does it take to

  4. Was the frame actually flexing or was there no damping of the rear shock? I
    agree having the battery on the rear rack isn’t the best.

  5. if they used a 3kw motor that would give much better performance. the legal
    restriction are the reason the manufactures dont mass produce ebikes with
    3kw motors. its not that bike frames cannot be designed to handle the
    torque its due to the legal speed limit issue. i think its annoying as
    high speed super cars are far more dangerous and the government do not
    limit those yet a electric bicycle gets limited. doesnt seem right and i
    think its mostly just rules on paperwork

  6. OK, Seriously, I have a Trail Tracker from Pedego. It is way more bike
    than this. Larger frame, comfortable seating, great spread through the
    body from the legs to the seat to the handlebars. The Trail Tracker has on
    demand power assist like a throttle, that lets you apply power immediately
    to any degree you wish. The pedal power makes up a 5th of the thrust,
    meaning that if you are going up a hill and peddle, it adds a 5th to the
    power. The fat tires make for traction to the degree that the only hill
    you can’t get up on is one that the rear tire spins out.

  7. I like to see action and some exemples man, but I see you talking too much,
    so nothing is usefull and kool on video.

    It is unfortunate. :-)

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