eZip E-750 Electric Scooter

See what eZip owners are saying about the eZip E-750 Electric Scooter. Perfect for commutes up to 12 miles, the eZip E-750 electric scooter provides smooth riding, while saving your time and…

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15 thoughts on “eZip E-750 Electric Scooter

  1. Boscoitalics don’t get the 750 until you have tried the 450 the 450 is
    soooo much and it has a higher weight capacity 

  2. Whats wrong with you dude seriously its a ELECTRIC scooter, This is just a
    better version of the razor electric scooter and you dont see cops pulling
    over kids for that. If it has a motor like for example the gas powered
    scooter is Illegal. in some states I dont know were you live but as far as
    i know electric scooters arent Illegal

  3. I bet she does feel safe…illegally riding on the side walk! lol, I would
    love to get one of these fun scooters but they are illegal on the sidewalk
    (pedestrian only), and illegal in the bike lane (non motorized bikes only).
    So where on earth do you ride this thing if you live in the city??

  4. “breaking the law riding that on a sidewalk”. How is it legal to ride an
    electric scooter on a sidewalk? Perhaps there is somewhere it is legal but
    in every place I ever lived such activities would be considered illegal.
    Yes it is true that many cops won’t enforce the law but it is still
    illegal. Technically all such devices should be driven on the road and must
    be registered and the operator must have the proper licensing. I assume you
    were drunk when you called me a “dumb ass”

  5. AZ is different from California then because this scooter, although can’t
    be legally ridden on the sidewalk, can be ridden on bike paths, in bike
    lanes, and on the roads as long as you stay in the right lane close to the
    curb and the speed limit is under 25. I guess that would mean riding it on
    small neighborhoods roads only. I rode mine on the sidewalks and the police
    had no idea whether it was legal or not and simply looked at me with
    curiosity. wwwdotdmvdotcadotgov/vr/scootersdothtm

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