21 thoughts on “Gyro-stabilized Electric Motorcycle Hits Road

  1. Now that would be a Motorcycle I would want to drive, stay seated and avoid
    becoming road kill…

  2. please work on the look. Yes you don’t want a macho look but remember why
    people overlooked the hybrids when they first came out? 

  3. New fantasy. A fully covered, self-balancing electric motorbike with long
    battery range and plenty of storage.

  4. ok this is funny want to commute to work and not have to remove your
    leathers drive your car want to ride around and feel free ride a motorcycle
    this is not the luxuries of both its a damn car with two wheels that you
    sit in and not on point of a motorcycle is to mount on and lean and ride a
    car is for comfort and protection my logic is if you want to feel safe stay
    locked in a box because no matter how you look at this neither car are bike
    are safe yes one does have more safety than another but take that up
    against a train or big rig and youll lose each time 

  5. Yes, ditzy morons who drive this because they can’t handle a motorcycle,
    bringing their starbucks, their breakfast, their cell phones and their
    inattention to the lane-splitting experience. This won’t put lane splitting
    to use, it will KILL lane splitting, and quickly. It’s only tolerated in CA
    because the incident rate is very low.

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