Haibike XDURO FS RX 27.5″ Video Review – Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike, Bosch Centerdrive

Haibike XDURO FS RX 27.5

http://electricbikereview.com/haibike/xduro-fs-rx-27-5/ A high performance full suspension mountain bike designed for medium-travel cross country with 120mm …

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14 thoughts on “Haibike XDURO FS RX 27.5″ Video Review – Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike, Bosch Centerdrive

  1. Any feedback on sizing on these bikes? I’m close to buying this model but
    Haibike publishes only frame sizes, not bike sizes. Their specs are for
    seatube length. The 50mm is a 19.5″ seat tube – around a Large Cannondale.
    My dealer is telling me I need a 55cm at 6’1″ tall (22″ frame). 

  2. Great review, thank you.
    I currently have the Stromer ST1 and am looking to upgrade to this bike
    because I would like the full suspension, my only concern is that the
    Stromer has a 500w hub motor and this has a 350w motor, does that mean that
    this will only be 43% as powerful as the Stromer? thanks for your help.

  3. It sounded kinda weak when you went up the small “hills”, is it a
    noticeable drop in power/assistance when going uphill?

  4. Hi everyone! I own one (the black/lime version of the FS RX 27.5) since
    last November, as I live in Italy and I benefited of an early export of the
    model. I must say that it performs very well both uphills than off-road. I
    live in a mountain area and I’m rather out of fit: this bike allows me to
    do things that were unthinkable for me before. I think it really worth the
    price ( here in Italy is sold at € 4790, but I got it for €4400 from a
    local vendor). I’m very happy for the purchase.

  5. Another excellent review!

    Hah! At 5:30 into the video, I liked how you kicked the dirt back in to be
    a good steward of the property.

    With such a large battery on the Haibike, what’s your opinion of its
    handling vs a SIMBB where the entire set up has a lower center of gravity?

  6. looks great. i went on the haibike site. the bikes are listed as 250 watts.
    these might be the newer version.

    ultimately none of the wattage is very meaningful. stats on 100 meter pedal
    start could be made useful with research effort, but at the minimum, torque
    assist statistics at a given bikes ‘low’ and ‘high’ assist needs to be
    available as a means for comparison. otherwise people are just watching
    videos of people saying they like the bike and are left with a need to
    still try the bike out before shelling out their wad.

  7. Do you have plans to review any of the M1-sporttechnik bikes? Especially
    the Erzberg or Sedan (S-Pedelec for both).

    They look so good just wonder if they perform – considering the high price.

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