Haibike Xduro Superrace 28″ Video Review – Premium Electric Road Bike with Bosch Centerdrive

http://electricbikereview.com/haibike/xduro-superrace-28/ One of the lightest weight (39.4 pound), fastest (28mph) and smoothest electric road bikes I’ve eve…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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18 thoughts on “Haibike Xduro Superrace 28″ Video Review – Premium Electric Road Bike with Bosch Centerdrive

  1. Is there any way to completely shut the system off, and pedal with no
    assistance whatsoever, or do you always have to have SOME assistance?

  2. These various electric and gas bikes are good because some people live
    around hills and a regular bike would be difficult for casual riders.

  3. Big question: What is the least expensive way to buy an e-bike? Buying last
    year’s models was my approach with a std. bicycle, but these electric bikes
    are far more expensive and online retailers are all over the map. Thanks in
    advance for any tips…

  4. Yet another, excellent review!

    I like how you were able to give us an idea of how the motor sounded like
    at 6:37. Great that you were able to get ride of the wind noise.

    At 7:24, you ramped up to 28mph. Did it take a lot of effort to do that?

    Someday, I hope Haibike will consider a throttle. My application is just
    for emergencies. It doesn’t have to be fast, it’s just got to get me home

  5. I made my schwinn mountain bike into an ebike with a converter kit and I
    should have spend more, it only goes 16mph with no pedaling: / but cruising
    to work is great:)

  6. I hate when people say something nice and then say watch my video. I did 5,
    five minute videos on the Ebike I built last winter. Three static, Two
    riding. One thing I did right, was to wear a mic for the naration. The
    other thing I did right was I rigged a camera angle looking under the right
    arm pit at the spedo. For your videos, have you tried using a 4 foot

  7. I just looked up the Haibike Trekking and I think it has a 20 mph limit 🙁
    That seems kinda odd to me that they limit that when it isn’t that unusual
    to go faster than that on a nonelectric bike, especially a light road bike.
    The E3 Dash goes 28 mph. Same company, wonder why they limited the Haibike
    to 20 mph

  8. Great review. That bike looks awesome. They are really putting it all
    together with the torque sensor, speed pedelec, and pausing while shifting.
    I am a bike commuter and would love to see a commuter bike like that with a
    rear rack and both a front shock and some sort of rear suspension, like one
    of those single shocks that goes where the seat stays meet the seat tube.
    Our roads in California are rough and I find the suspension really makes
    the ride much more pleasurable. 

  9. Has any mfgr thought to make the controls and LED readout/speedo be
    detachable? Seeing that BOSCH name so prominently means thieves and vandals
    see it too. BTW, love that camera angle of the motor/chainring @6:34 in.
    With all that plastic, I’d prefer they covered the chain/chainring where it
    meets your ankle. Xlnt review.

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