19 thoughts on “Harley Davidson electric bike – Project LiveWire

  1. Lasst den Quatsch HD!!! Ihr müsst nicht jeden Mist mitmachen. In eine
    Harley gehört ein Ottomotor und sonst nichts!

  2. All you Noisy Carbon Dioxide Stink Shakers! The Russian Cossacks got you
    ALL BEAT. They have Fusion Containment Fart Gas Robot Horses.

  3. Imagine that…Just what Harley guys have been saying all these years about
    metric cruiser bikes…”Harley wannabe bikes” now Harley builds a wannabe
    crotch rocket…hummmm…

  4. Niet alleen uw website en communicatie is bijna volledig E geworden. De
    hele wereld is momenteel aan het veranderen. Zelfs een Harley is nu E!

  5. Before I spend good money on a Harley, the mayor of this ghetto town better
    start fixing the pot hole streets and the man hole covers that sit three
    inches deep!

  6. I heard on tv it had a 130 mile range and then a half hr recharge, if that
    is true…..holy fuck I want one. I love my 80 inch custom Fatboy but
    rolling to work for a week on a half hr charge?!?!?!!? that shit is very

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