19 thoughts on “homemade electric bike motor installed

  1. hey yes after im done with my mountain bike i am going to get a lightweight
    for more room and weigh
    thanks fo rthe info´╗┐

  2. Cool bike man, another kickass project build. All i get to do is bodywork
    seems never ending on my camaro and truck, just purchased more welding
    supplies so time to get back to my welding of patch panels.

  3. question for you, while you were demonstrating how you can generate power
    to charge batteries etc, how exactly did you hook up the test light? Also
    what causes it to generate power? you also mention that it uses brake
    force. in what way does it do that? sorry for all these questions but im
    very curious about this as I will be taking on a project similar, thanks

  4. Dang Mustie you work quick!! Very cool! cant wait to see it finished. Im
    always impressed with your ability to engineer things.

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