16 thoughts on “Instant e-bike: electric bike conversion kits

  1. imagine how strong a 5kg carbon fibre e bike frame for ebike motors could
    be with strength and speed testing for upto 70 mph. if the wheels were
    balanced with tyre weights it would probably be fine. as soon as the laws
    on ebikes are changed it will allow the manufactures to start researching
    and devloping more advanced ebike frames designed for high speed. with high
    speed public charging availible for ebikes now it could really offer
    unlimited range. the advantage of ebikes is shorter journey times

  2. It’s a brave man who rides a bike with 4 high power lipo packs sitting
    right in front of his nuts. It might be a good idea to wear protection, no

  3. Doubt away idiot. You’ve clearly never engineered or built something let
    alone invented. Something I do regularly. Doubtful? You’ve definitely got
    being a rude, arrogant cunt down to a science!

  4. Damn, that’s a shame to lose a guy like that. He lived in my home town. I
    would have liked to have spoken with him. Thank Kirsten, for posting the
    vid and for your genuine kindness.

  5. What’s in dispute here? That you can die driving a car? Or indeed doing
    anything? You can die in the shower, but it’s a risk I’m willing to take so
    I don’t stink myself out.

  6. Doubtful, so start a business, if you can. I haven’t seen these sold in the
    US for much under 2 grand. Though in Viet Nam, you can get something really
    nice, like a Yamaha for $200. But that’s probably got a lot to do with
    volume of sales.

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