Is Riding an Electric Mountain Bike 'Cheating'?

Is Riding an Electric Mountain Bike 'Cheating'?
Trust in the fact that most mountain bikers ride for freedom and the self-sufficiency of the experience, something the e-bike's reliance on electricity cannot provide. But, the fact is: Electric bikes are here to stay — so get used to seeing them on …
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Top crowdfunding campaigns of 2015 included Pebble watch, electric bike
With nearly 16,000 backers, the Sondors electric bike raised more than $ 6 million earlier this year. The Malibu, Calif.-based company is calling this "the world's most affordable, versatile electric bike." It weighs 25 kilograms (55 pounds) and can …
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Evolving Ebike designs and technology changing the face of urban commuting
Enter the electric bike. Long considered a handy way for older or less active folks to enjoy the experience of biking, e-bikes struggled to gain widespread appeal, especially for the younger set. Boring, clunky designs, underperforming motors, and a …
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