It's like riding a bike, only it's electric

It's like riding a bike, only it's electric
The paternal assist — just enough to get the wheels spinning and to straighten out the wobble. Like getting on a bike, it all came back to me last week. But in a new way. I sat on the cushy seat of a purple-metallic Pedego electric bike, pedaling up …
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Gadget Lust: The Pedego Electric Bike Makes Exercise Look (and Feel) Easy
Several years ago, Don Di Costanzo (a far more enterprising middle-age gentleman from Southern California than this writer) found himself in a similar predicament and bought an electric bike to help him travel up a considerable hill after a brisk daily …
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Trefecta DRT: The K high-tech, military-grade electric super bike
When the designer of the world's most powerful electric supercar got involved in the electric bike game with the Greyp G-12, it was very clear that the electric bicycle was destined to be more than just a pedal-assist commuter shuttling urban-dwelling …
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