16 thoughts on “KB901 Lil’ Rider FX 3 Wheel Battery Powered Bike Instructional Video

  1. OMG You are my hero!!!! Thank you so much for this video.. It saved me so
    much time, money, and most importantly, SANITY.. Those instructions
    provided were so frustrating.. and don’t mention all the other tools you
    need.. And the fact that there is no color in the manual and items are
    packaged together randomly, I was sooo lost.. so again, I say, Thank you.

  2. Great video, thank you. Looked this up after trying to decipher the
    instruction manual. I’d like to kick the dipshit that wrote the manual
    square in the balls! I thought my head was going to explode, English is
    obviously not their first language.

  3. Thank you for this video!!! I don’t think I could of put the bike together
    reading that worthless booklet. So glad I found this 🙂 !!!!

  4. OMFG!! Thank you so much for taking the time to make this video. I don’t
    think I could have done it without your help. The video was excellent. The
    hardest part was connecting the handle to the front part, and it needs two
    people, One to hold it in place and another to drill the holes….But we
    got it done, and my niece loved it!!! So thank you, thank you!!

  5. Thank you so much for the video, the instruction booklet was useless. would
    have been helpful if you included where the washers should have gone

  6. Great video, but I tried to charge the battery over 8 hours and nothing is
    happening when I turn the bike on. Any suggestion what I should check? I
    have rechecked the wire under the seat and the ones in front.

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