Kool Stop SKS-D735 Tektro Auriga Mechanical Disc Brake Pads for Electric Bikes

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A short ride on my electric bike. Bike specs Orange MTB with pace RC 36 forks and ultralight components, State of the art in 1998, still not a bad ride. Cycl…
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12 thoughts on “Kool Stop SKS-D735 Tektro Auriga Mechanical Disc Brake Pads for Electric Bikes

  1. i managed to get 26 miles till battery cut off using a 48v lifepo4 a123
    20ah cells 9.5kg battery weight at full constant full throttle.

  2. I have not altered any settings on the controller. But i have small
    sprockets on the rear wheel so i can reach high speed. The acceleration is
    helped by a lightweight bike and rider and a bit of pedal assist.

  3. could be numerous things, could be that the controller has an ignition wire
    that may need hooking up possibly a thin red wire (though this is
    speculation), could be the motor hall sensor wires need swapping round,
    maybe your battery voltage is too low, maybe the voltage needs setting in
    the controller to match your battery (does it have a connection for a
    programming lead), it could be your ebrakes are stuck on or malfunctioning,
    same again for the throttle, could be a loose wire bms malfunction

  4. Hi Which controller do you have on the bike? I have fitted to my bike the
    960w geared motor from Cyclone. and I have a 36-72v Hua Tong controller
    which i can’t get to work. any help? anyone? please…

  5. Hi everyone, hope you liked my video. The bike is still going strong. I
    have the standard external controller that was supplied with the motor kit,
    no manufacturer name just says cyclone 36v 960w, managed 17 miles on a 12
    ah battery the other day 25 wh mile doing 18-20 mph most of the time with a
    few short bursts of 35+mph

  6. hi m8 are you uk based because i would like to share info on build as i too
    have a cyclone which travels at 36-40mph using a 36v 20ah batt on a 720w
    motor. using.

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