21 thoughts on “More Power by Cyclone 5000 Watt 48 Volt e-bike in a Mountain Ride

  1. +George Baboo why do you say that about the wattage of these 2 motors?
    There are good motors, with high torque and high top speed. 

  2. This depends from the road, speed and winds. 80km/h speed give 80km
    distance in an hour. In a big distance i travel with 60-80km/h speed in a
    straight road with 2 lanes or less. If i go faster i consume a lot of energy

  3. 1. I think you want to say a 3D scanner, is that right? 2.Yes in the back
    it wont work. 3.Outside the triangle is the suspension? What kind of
    bicycle do you have? 4.The top speed can be succeeded only with tests. What
    is your view?

  4. The dual 3000watt motor kit has 72volt and more torque than the 2400watt
    motor kit which has 48Volts. The 72Volt lifepo4 battery cannot fit in the
    triangular of the bicycle because of the suspension. I dont want to put the
    72 Volt battery over the back wheel because the driving balance of the bike
    will not be right.

  5. how are you managing to run a 12ah battery at 100amps continous? most
    battery bms’s dont normally offer this much continous current. does the
    battery need a special bms? it could do with a custom made bottom bracket
    and frame mount. do you find you had any flex in the swing arm on the bike
    when under load sometimes. i noticed this on my single pivot sanatcruz

  6. 1 .3d scanner and 3d printer you can build everything and undercut all the
    other ebike kits / ready mades 2. you have very few people who know about
    this i think if 2-5 people all started making videos all different youtube
    accounts you would get more site views, i can made videos and i live in the
    swiss alps i know great places to film (snow footage, airport for top speed
    test, forrest downhill biking, mountain top riding footage) 3. motors why
    not 4

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