18 thoughts on “My 5000W new electric bike / Motocross Style

  1. it doesnt matter how you ride it, a motorbike makes alot of noise, people
    who dont ride bikes get very annoyed at the noise, there are plenty of
    cyclepaths that you could ride your electric bike on and not many people
    would notice or care, try doing that with a motorbike! people unfortunatly
    get very annoyed even if its your own land, you can hear a motocross bike
    from 3 miles away on a still day..

  2. Sry to say but ive loved bikes and grew up on them and i love to pedal!!!
    used to do 50 60 km`s on weekend with friends etc and had great fun!!! And
    the best part was that i stayed in shape while doing something that i
    loved!! So dont u feel like the motor kills the “ride“ part?? When we got
    to a trail and “lets see who gets down there first“ kind of thing it was
    awesome and insane!! But if u put a motor on the bike then….isnt it
    easier to get a motorcycle??

  3. I mean, look at all the other videos here to the right of your screen, you
    see the bike in all of them, instead we get your cock’s eye view of
    nothing, I cant even make out the speedometer……you suck. I cant believe
    how pissed I am..

  4. Nice set up bro. I was wondering how heavy the bike feels and Hows does it
    feel when the electric motor is not engaged when pedaling manually.

  5. Plus de 70km/h sur le plat. 88V de batterie et 10Ah (Lipo de hobbyking)
    Controlleur 72V 45A 12 fets de Lyen (forum endless-sphere) Moteur : HS3540
    en roue de 20″

  6. What about motors from RC cars ? Castle Creation brushless motor 2028 =>
    over 8kw !!! I think the 1717 is about 3 to 6kw, don’t remember well

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