One thought on “Prodeco Mariner 7 Electric Bike Review

  1. Hey Christopher, for some reason it won’t let me respond to you with a
    reply (You might have replies turned off?) so I’m just making a new
    comment. While these bikes are repairable and do work alright, I’m less of
    a fan when it comes to the high center of gravity and plastic case that can
    crack and fall off (I’ve heard this from several shops). Another
    inexpensive folding ebike that is better in my opinion is the Epik Ejoe and
    it comes in two flavors (one with rack, fenders and lights for city stuff
    and one without that’s more for off road riding). I haven’t posted those
    reviews yet but the bike is solid.

    Nothing against ProdecoTech, I just think your money will go further with
    Ejoe in this case. If you do get the Mariner 7 I think you can order
    straight from their website and have it shipped direct. You’ll have to do
    some configuring with the handlebars, maybe true the wheels but that’s true
    of any online ebike :)

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