14 thoughts on “Prodeco Outlaw SS Electric Mountain Bike in for Review | Electric Bike Report

  1. I have an Outlaw SS and love it… I usually get 28 miles on a charge with
    the 9ah battery and 36 miles on the 12ah pack using the throttle as
    pedal-assist and average around 15mph… Mix of off-road and trail
    riding… You DON’T want to run out of juice away from home on this thing
    because at 63lbs it’s a real bitch to pedal without e-power… 

  2. I have the Phantom X2 and have had this bike for a month now, I was
    actually surprised that Prodecos claims of 25 to 38 miles to a single
    charge were correct. I tested that for about 3 days I kept the bike at
    about 1/4 throttle, climbed some good hills and rode it in winds up to 15
    mph. Much to my surprise I was able to get 54 miles on a charge before my
    battery died on me, it really sucked because it died just before a huge
    hill !

  3. Yeah that key is locked in there when the ignition is turned on, the good
    thing is you wont see it because it is slightly under the battery. Honestly
    it doesn’t bother me at all, I don’t even notice the key !

  4. I love my electric bike, wish prodeco made a electric bike with the frame
    built around the battery for protection and function…like the izip zuma
    or commuter by pedego..nice bike though..just finish it up…lights,
    blinkers, and of course the custom electric frame built around the
    battery…also an off road model should have the battery in the center for
    balance purposes…something to think about for your next model…cheers

  5. Hi guys, Does this bike have a so-called regenerative braking system? I
    mean when you go downhill – does the electric motor give some charge to the
    battery? Thanx!

  6. Love the ebike and everything the frame has to offer, but I would need a
    wide saddle cloud 9 maybe and Handel bars with a 8 inch to 10 inch rise!
    Without the headache of me trying to do it! Cable extension and re fit and

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