8 thoughts on “Prodeco Phantom X3 Electric Bike Review

  1. Looking to buy this bike in summer for college! Thanks for the review!
    $1800 is a little expensive, do you think its worth it?

  2. I’ve been looking at different e-bikes and don’t see anything that can
    touch this for the price, TBH. Do you? I know the Phantom X2 was the best
    selling e-bike in the $1500-2000 range last year. I’m either going to get
    this or the X2 this summer. I’m just trying to figure out if I want the
    folding X2 or the non-folding X3, they both have their advantages and
    disadvantages. I think Prodeco bikes are going to be THE e-bike in the
    future. They are actually designed and assembled in America, which is a
    BIG selling point for me! I would rather deal with an American company
    than try to deal with some mail order company in China, LOL! 

  3. I have this bike its awsome more then enough power dont have to pedal at
    all if you dont want to even up some pretty steap hills, the seat is
    small/hard so best to get a gel cruiser seat,sespension is pretty good best
    to just leave it on firm imo
    the brakes are quite no squeeling like some disc brakes, got mine from
    amazon last year $1600 delivered to the door totally worth it.

  4. Mine is good had a few issues ( I have the X2) but still almost the same
    bike. My main issue now is that the back rim dented and no it rides bumby.
    I’m hoping they replace considering the hub motor is fine, maybe they will
    satisfy a minor exchange when I bring it up to them at Prodeco Warranty.

  5. Would be possible to disassemble the battery, and put all the battery and
    controller part’s into a custom center frame bag, like you see on the
    highest quality bikes? Also great channel, I’ve been using it everyday
    while searching for a bike. Thanks 

  6. I’ve been riding mine for almost a year. Loved it from day one. It is
    perfect for getting around town, but my favorite is off road. I’m not
    doing jumps but I go through fields in 4 foot gras & rough trails.. I don’t
    notice the higher center of gaveity after only a few hours. The hub adds
    weight lower off setting some of the battery. Finally the handle bar is
    adjustable adding up to six inches. I am about to try studded snow tires
    and let you know the outcome. 

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