16 thoughts on “Ronnie Renner Charges On New KTM Electric Motorcycle In Austria: Upside Down & Inside Out Ep. 7

  1. FMX pro Ronnie Renner rides the new Freeride E in the E-Cross center
    beneath the engine factory at Munderfing, Austria. Also including a ride
    with the KTM RC8R.

  2. This is pretty cool, and I would love to try one but I don’t know how I
    feel about the lack of clutch and gearbox.

    Ronnie Renner Charges On New KTM Electric Motorcycle In Austria: Upside
    Down & Inside Out Ep. 7

  3. How can anyone like this? Ride for an hour, wait for 20 for it to charge.
    Its just like a Power Wheels toy…but for adults…sounds like one for
    sure. Hope this is not the future of mx…

  4. The quietness of the electric bike awesome. Forget the noise of loud pipes
    that piss people off two miles away. Think stealth night runs! You could
    so go renegade at 3am in the middle of a city. Hell put a few speakers on
    the thing and blast some tunes while you ride if you need the noise. The
    range needs some holp but otherwise I’m all over this!

  5. Awesome! But once again the range-problem emerges… My battery would be
    dead before I hit a decent patch of dirt… Some day :P

  6. I think this would be awesome to own in addition to real dirt bikes. Get
    the battery life up to somewhere in the vicinity of 2hrs at say 25%-50%
    throttle and you could have a lot of fun. Maybe in 10yrs we won’t even be
    sweating range.

    NOISE is the biggest threat to losing riding areas. When you talk to
    people that hate OHVs noise will be most of their top complaints. I always
    try to keep my bikes as quiet as possible, I’ll run a FMF Q silencer
    instead of some shorty on my 2strokes and the 4strokes keep it stock or run
    the quietest baffle possible. 

  7. half the pleasure riding a dirtbike is the SOUND and a redlining engine
    that have som feeling to it. 

  8. You can slate it all you want but one day for some people this will be the
    only option. Also by that time the range will be a lot longer, battery
    swapping will most likely be the solution. 

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