16 thoughts on “Scrappy – Bush Electric Dirtbike

  1. hi Jorge. the motor is a Mars ME0708 which is rated for 100Amps at 50v. I
    am running a 48v battery and pump in a maximum of 370Amps and regularly
    achieve around 16 to 17kw. Anything over 8Kw gets VERY fun. the
    acceleration is insane and the torque is ADDICTIVE!!!

  2. you should put that thing that keeps the chain tight, you dont want the
    chain getting loose and hitting your foot in that speed.

  3. great work Thomas! I have a couple of questions if you dont mind and have
    the time to answer.

    1. What is the battery range after a full charge (say at an average speed
    of 45-60 mph)?

    2. Have you tried any li-ion batteries?

    3. Any specific conversion rates for making the sproket?

    Any answer will be appreciated! cheers

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