8 thoughts on “Smart Ebike Video Review – Electric Bike From Smart Mercedes Benz

  1. The Smart, the Audi, and the Faraday Porteur may just be the only e-bikes
    that don’t look like bikes with battery packs just stuck on them, unless
    there are others I haven’t yet found. The VAST majority of offerings are
    plug (inadvertent pun) ugly, almost like afterthoughts. There was one that
    I saw, the Diavelo (YES, I think it was called), but I couldn’t get a
    handle (no, not another one!) on what the bike’s profile and specs were,
    despite googling to no end. I’d seen two different bike images, both
    beautiful, with a Protanium shaft-driven power train. One was copper
    coloured, but another one was light blue, with a slightly different design.
    I emailed them via their Facebook page to get info, but no reply (tsk tsk).
    That was well over a week ago. Do you have any information on that one?

  2. Love that shut down it does when it has been inactive for a while, great
    feature. Really like the design of the bike, looks very nice. 

  3. I just got the gray model with rear rack, upgraded seat and air ride front
    fork. The dealer told my they are waiting for a cable to be able to
    reprogram the governor up from 25 to 32km/h.

    A few questions:

    What app are you using?
    Is the bike bluetooth ready or is there some other piece of hardware to be
    Is the USB port for charging or is it a communications port as well?

    BTW, great review!


  4. I think the review failed, or at least didn’t attempt to address, battery
    range. Of course I accept several factors impact range not least weight,
    terrain, weather and so forth. Good review in terms of the aesthetics and
    dare I say the cosmetics, but as for the basic fundamentals……..

  5. The only thing I like about European bikes is their mandatory factory
    installed dynamo powered lights. They have smaller E-motors, slower speeds
    (usually 15 mph) and they are expensive. I just found out from a friend in
    the Netherlands that E-bikes must be registered as low speed scooters
    (15mph) any faster than that and a motorcycle license is required. Also
    somewhere in Canada, police are cracking down on E-bike riders; enforcing
    the helmet law and speed compliance. I guess we have it easier in the USA.

  6. Great review. Here in the UK Smart have just cut the price from £2500
    ($4200) to £1800 ($3000), plus they are giving 3 years 0% finance. Not
    sure what this means (maybe they are planning to discontinue it?), but
    makes it much more affordable.

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