25 thoughts on “Test Ride – Razor Pocket Rocket Miniature Electric Bike / Motorcycle

  1. LOL you’re the second person to mention that. It’s my daughter– she was
    holding the camera up close to her face while shooting the video. 😀

  2. It’s a tight fit but it looks worse than it really is– just gotta spread
    your legs so they don’t hit the handlebar…

  3. If you like fast, you might also look into a gas mini bike instead of
    electric. You’d be looking at 35-50(?) mph instead of just 15mph. But gas
    models cost more than electric. I’m pretty happy with the pocket rocket
    though.. It’s fast enough for my purposes. 🙂

  4. As far as I know, all electric Razor Pocket Rockets go up to 15mph (unless
    something gets modded). Looks like Razor also makes a “Dirt Rocket” which
    goes up to 17mph but it costs quite a bit more…

  5. It was about $250 when it first came out (I got mine on sale so it was
    cheaper than that). You can probably get one on eBay now for $150 or so…

  6. Couldn’t find the Pocket Rocket from their online site, but you must be
    talking about the Dirt Rocket, no? They have a green one, red one, and
    black/yellow one. If those are the ones you were referring to, I was able
    to find the specs: Red = MX400 (up to 14mph, 140lb limit), Green = MX500
    (up to 17mph, 175lb limit), Black/Yellow = MX650 (up to 17mph, 220lb
    limit). They look like fun…

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