Trek Valencia+ Electric Bike Review

Full Review at where we go more in depth into the the Trek Valencia+ electric bike.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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9 thoughts on “Trek Valencia+ Electric Bike Review

  1. Got a bike savvy friend? We have never had to deal with that issue
    ourselves because we bought it at the local bike shop that has lifetime
    service for free. We feel your pain. The loose nipple issue is one of the
    only major drawbacks in an otherwise great bike (it would also be nice if
    the bike was balanced better… less weight in the rear).

  2. Anyone know if Trek has a newer, better balanced version of the Trek
    Valencia+. Also, are there any other bike companies which have come up with
    a similar bike that’s better and/or more affordable?

  3. pretty soon electric bike will be considered a motorcycle! plus they will
    make you have bicycle insurance and helmet!

  4. There are loooots of Electrical bikes out there. Look around, just a simple
    search on youtube to find plenty of reviews.

  5. Very Good review guys ! The nipple went Inside of my Wheel.. What I should
    do ? the spoke is now moving ..:-/

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