15 thoughts on “Volkswagen Bik.e electric-driven micro mobility concept

  1. @lvfalcon I think he’s talking about the point at 2:03 where it shows the
    bike being stored where the spare tire normally is.

  2. @hologuitar Well, there are plenty of light, small, and quiet motorcycles.
    For example, search “Honda twinstar 200”. And why is it so hard to ride on
    the road?

  3. that bike looks cool, i would definitely use it and have one in my trunk
    its so useful to get a big mac during brake hahaha!

  4. I hope this idea takes off. I have been saying for a couple years now that
    in order for public transportation to work there has to be something that
    makes it so that commuters have something for the first miles and the last
    miles of a journey. This is a great leap towards that goal, far more useful
    than a segway.

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