What is an Electric Bike?

What is an Electric Bike?

What exactly is an electric bike? How can they be used for transportation and why do they make financial sense? These are some of the questions my site http:…
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14 thoughts on “What is an Electric Bike?

  1. Hey, so you’ve done all these videos, tell me a little about which one you
    think is best? I’m 230 lbs and commute 13 miles to downtown Fort
    Lauderdale. I have a parking garage to park in with a bike rack for
    locking that’s about 20 feet from the guard house. Do I need 12ah or 16ah?

  2. Hi, I can’t thank you enough for making all these videos, very informative
    and helpful. After watching most of your reviews I think your Easy Motion
    Neo jumper is the best. I work right across SMU at University Park in
    Dallas and I deliver Subs to campus and my store have 1/2 mile delivery
    radius. I also go to DORBA trails at least twice a week and would love to
    have an e-bike I could use at work and on the trails. I usually take like
    20 deliveries per shift and I work 3 shifts a week, my weight is around 150
    pounds and University Park is mostly flat with asphalt roads. How well do
    you think an Easy Motion bike would do? Will my battery last my 8 hour
    shift with one charge overnight? Will I have to replace the battery after a
    year? Would it be cost effective? I usually make 80$ on tips + my 8$/hour
    and 20$ worth of gas. University/Highland Park is very nice town to ride a
    bike, lots of trees and many people riding cool bikes. It would be awesome
    to ride an Easy Motion bike, it would look cool and I would be making
    exercise, money for school and having fun all at the same time, so it would
    be a win win all the way don’t you think? Are there any electric bike
    forums where I could get a pre-owned one? or someone you know who might
    want to sell his/her Easy Motion Bike? I already have a mountain bike for
    the trail so I wouldn’t mind to get an Emotion for roads only. And thanks
    again for all your videos, loved them all.

  3. Been watching for your videos for a while now (this day XD) and I totally
    love them! I’ve always been into electrical vehicles (own a Super Turbo
    1000 lithium), but it’s already getting old and not working as great
    anymore as it used to. And recently I’ve been checking out electric bikes
    (like yours), and I think they are just awesome! The only downfall is, well
    obviously, the price… Keep up the great work, you just got a new
    subscriber! Oh, and I’m 15, if it matters, lol. ;-)

  4. I charge mine from a 165 watt solar panel, so my bike is solar powered.
    Lots of great bikes out there. If you have $4,000 the choice is huge, but
    you can spend far less.

    As to justification for an electric bike, it’s about it being fun to ride.

    Maybe you can put it on the front of a bus, but all public transportation I
    know of says. “No electric bikes.” Mine, take the battery off and put it
    in your pocket and it’s no longer an issue. Yours, good luck.

  5. My biggest issue with electric bikes is that they are so expensive and so
    easy to steal. How do you keep your bike secure? Most offices won’t let me
    carry my bike to my desk :)

  6. Bazinga! Dude I love your channel you helped me find my first folding E
    bike, E motion volt sport. Thanks! Keep doing what you do you are great at
    it! Oh BTW I love sim racing too!

  7. Thank you so much for this video. I always want to know what a Electric
    Bike was and how he functioned. I normally travel to work via Bus, It’s a
    30min drive to work, but since I don’t have a car, it takes, well about 1hr
    30 mins to work via public Transport. Now I am looking in to Bikes,
    specifically ebike. I am hestitant to buy one since I don’t want to be
    tired, or sweating to work. But since using the ebike, do you get tired or
    do ebike make you sweat? Also how long do charge last? I noticed like your
    bike differs alot from the cheaper, they say with cheaper models, you need
    to change the battery after a few year, with expensive bikes, a example
    like yours, do you need to upgrade or change any parts after a few years.
    Also what is the average maximum wieght a ebike can hold. I am overweight,
    but I been hitting the gym, so I am losing the wieght, can ebike handle
    excess wieght? One think that sucks in the UK, I noticed the UK, we are
    restricted on ebike speeds, voltage than compared to the US so do you know
    any US websites that delivers internation, specifically to the UK. Also
    this sounds stupid, but with ebike, would you need to peddle much or ebike,
    you can peddle or you don’t, like a scooter???? Thanks.

  8. Thanks for the information. In the video your trip was almost 11 minutes
    and I wanted to know the distance. I’m thinking of getting a Neo Jumper or
    the specialized turbo and I’m looking at a 12 mile commute. 

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