World’s fastest e-bike

Available for purchase at: . The M55 Terminus is currently the fastest serial production electric bicycle with a Pedelec drive system. With …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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21 thoughts on “World’s fastest e-bike

  1. i’ve said it once, i’ll say it again, an e-bike which is tailored made to
    be an e-bike is has nothing to do with electric bicycle, but is in fact an
    electric motorcycle with pedals which YOU CAN’T REALLY USE AT 50MPH! 

  2. The screen seems to be splinting up on this video, is there a technical
    fault with the video? Its a pity, the bike looks great.

  3. Sick of the shity film editing, time to expose this
    Luciferian/Masonic/Illuminati style of film editing, also look at all the
    Satanic Saturn Cube symbolism on the bike itself, and the Logo is a Cube.

    Who you kidding!

  4. Well, that’s a damned hard video to watch. I’m glad you picked up some
    video editing skills, could you refrain from using all of them at once?

  5. I respect the time and effort you put into this bike, it is sheer art. To
    claim its the world fastest without giving a proper top speed GPS in back
    to back runs is just false advertising. Give us the top speed!

  6. ..this video was awful, I hope you didn’t pay to have it done in that
    format; in trying to show so much we don’t get to see much.. this kind of
    editing is what ruined watching music videos!

  7. So, yeah, regular (albeit, expensive-about $10k) bikes make those speeds
    already, with what looks to be about the same effort for those of us fit
    enough to use them. You would have to give me a lot more benefits than
    just a poorly cut teaser vid to get me on board and cough up the $26k over
    and above a Tour De France level bike.

  8. Real nice thing. Especially for me. I buy it! Could not sleep at night.
    Then I found the price section….

    I calm down and notice: I’m not one of this people who got with the first
    early mornig fart one million more at their bank account. Life can be so

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