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  1. @shorerydr10 Completely agree,… this thing have come a long way from 70 Kilos to 55 kilos to 35 kilos in 5 years… the best is yet to come… and is hard to compare to a standard MTB, I like to think of them in something in between an MX and MTB.

  2. @UltimatePwnageNL This bike has a throttle like a motorbike to control the speed of the motor, and yes, you can go up very steep hills without pedaling, but if you pedal at your normal riding rate it will do it much faster and save power… The new model has a remote control ( like a car’s lock) to switch between street legal and off road modes… just tell them in the factory your country’s legal top speed and watts.

  3. How do you control the electro motor? is it powerful enough to pull you uphill without pedaling? And do you happen to know whether its road legal or they can make it road legal on request? I’m really interested in this thing, but i’ll probably use it mostly on flat land and on public roads. not a lot of mountains in the netherlands XD

  4. @83assasin I think the Fighter ( smaller version…. well..,,. the new model coming out now is about the same power ) is about $5500 and the Big Bomber is $7.500 depends on the specs..

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  6. @lestat1753 yeah i doubt it too its a great i thought they where 4000 ?i thought thats what they had on their website are you sure their 7000 ?

  7. @jygattozzi Not really, just pedal the same but at a much higher speeds… it has 9 gears and you are supposed to use them..

  8. @83assasin . Well, I really doubt you will find something like that for that price… but you can always try…. just to give you an idea of pricing….a normal , ok mountain bike is about $4500,…a really good one is about $10000, same as the good road bikes $10000… this is a good mountain bike, and on top of that the best electronic components there are today…. but hey…. I don’t sell them or make money with them anyway I just ride…

  9. @pasadinas Something like this will be around A$8500, and the smaller Fighter A$5500, but all depends on the setup

  10. @JoeVSvolcano
    I agree. Coasting down hills doesn’t really convince me to buy one of these. How far can I ride up a mountain with it? Will it go 5km in and then I’m stuck?

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