Battery powered ELECTRIC BIKE 0 – 60 mph 0.8 seconds


SUBSCRIBE to stay current on EV news ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ WORLDs FASTEST ELECTRIC VEHICLE Killacycle A123 Battery powered drag bike NEW ELECTRIC VEHICLE WORLD RECORD 7.82 @ 168 MPH Now running 1210 A123 M1 Nanophosphate Li-Ion battery cells that produce 500 hp (up from the previous record set with 990 A123 M1 cells and 350 hp)

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19 thoughts on “Battery powered ELECTRIC BIKE 0 – 60 mph 0.8 seconds

  1. @Trimival Yes electric motor have the fun habit of having the most torque at low rpm. So unlike combustion engines you have face ripping acceleration right from the start. If only we found a way store electric energie more efficently, say the energy density of petrol.

  2. Correct me if i’m wrong… That is instantanious horsepower, because i’m sure the electricity has some sort of regulator on it… As for a car, you need to wait till the car is in high RPM’s because it obviously doesn’t make top HP at 1000 RPM’s but this bike has max power from the start, which makes it a lot faster..? Oh and that is interesting, the 7 cents per race and 14 races per charge w/ 5 minutes to charge. Need me one!!!

  3. @punky00uk a normal power outlet is 240v 10 amps or 2400watts. after an hour it 2400watt hours, 2400/700 equals roughly 3.5, 1 hour divided by 3.5 is under 18 minutes. 18 minutes from a standard ordinary household power point.

  4. Question about the power of a123 batteries. I watched one episode of mythbusters where they tried to create a propeller based jet pack solution. They couldn’t make it lift one man.
    If you instead of taking the gasoline engine and replace them with two electric paramotors do you think it would be possible to make it able to lift one man with a123 batteries.

  5. @tsport100 …amazing!! and why don’t we see more of this technology arond..?? i mean, in cars! to expensive?

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