Easy DIY 3-Minute Fastest Electric Bike Conversion Kit

CleanRepublic.com Drop out your old front wheel and drop in your new Hill Topper electric wheel! CleanRepublic.com has now made the Hill Topper Classic electric bike wheel kit available for sale worldwide. Unlike other complex electric bike kits, Clean Republic’s kits are designed for simple, quick installation on almost any bike in the world. These kits are lighter, more efficient, easier to use, and easier to install than any other.

This video shows that anyone can make an electrical bicycle. I also show all the mistakes and corrections I made to complete a electrical bicycle made from a push golf cart motor. New electrical bikes cost from 0 to 00. The question is why????
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15 thoughts on “Easy DIY 3-Minute Fastest Electric Bike Conversion Kit

  1. This looks amazing. I’m interested in getting this for my wife’s 26 inch Giant Sedona DX. We live in Germany now and both do all of our commuting by bike and public transportation.

  2. @HomeEnergyNow its $800 with lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries = 20 miles per charge. Also, they have a sealed liquid acid (SLA) battery kit for $399 = 10 miles per charge.
    So you can get everything you need for $399, unless you wanna go farther than 10 miles per charge.

  3. this would be a great kit, but i dont really have $797 on me to put into a bike. Based on where i live and where i go to school, it would have to pay itself off in 4-6 months, but I doubt the battery pack or the motor would last that long. Maybe in the future when I can afford it (and my only reason for riding it would then be to reduce my carbon footprint).

  4. How long before battery needs replacement, how much for that replacement and how difficult is it to replace a used up battery?

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