Electric motor for bike?

Question by mmct21: Electric motor for bike?
I have a recumbent bike – E-Z Sport. I am looking for an electric motor for it – for a good price. The best I can find is an E4 for $ 700. Can anyone help me find a better deal? I love biking but have become disabled and need a motor in order to contine biking with family.
I can’t use a moped on bike trails. I want to continue biking with my family on bike trails.

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Answer by Watchman
Just get a used moped, it’ll probably be more reliable.

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One thought on “Electric motor for bike?

  1. I assume your U.S. have a look at this kit. The motor is very efficient (>95%). This will give you the best range out of what ever batteries you choose.

    You can buy the kit or just the motor/gearbox.

    Being a recumbent you should be able to mount the motor near your idler pulley and keep your original chainrings. The down side to this method will be that you need to pedal when the motor is on. Depending on your disability you may wish to go with the freewheeling chainring that they supply with the kit.

    A front hub motor will not work so well on a recumbent (not enough weight on the wheel)

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