Electric-start Yamaha dirt bike won’t start… help please.?

Question by Kelso M: Electric-start Yamaha dirt bike won’t start… help please.?
It’s a 230 cc, and the battery is new and charged. It was used a month ago, but the starter only clicks when I press the starter button. The fuses are all fine. The engine doesn’t even turn over. It just clicks once.

Tried to arc the solenoid terminals ( my dad did… he connected the two with a screw driver) and it sparked, but I don’t think he knew what he was doing. I don’t know if this is relevant.

Anyway, any suggestions?
The battery is charged, connections are good… I checked all this stuff. Does a dirtbike have brushes? Could they be going bad?

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Answer by Kevin M
it sounds like the starter motor is no good or a bad conection at battery or starter

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One thought on “Electric-start Yamaha dirt bike won’t start… help please.?

  1. Either a bad connection or the battery is not really charged. A click is a sign of a dead battery. Clean the terminals and try again.
    Bump start it if you have to. Ride it for 20 minutes and then try the starter again.
    Did you just charge the battery or was it charged a month ago when it was installed? Bikes can drain a battery when sitting.

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