5 thoughts on “EVT 168 Hub motor – rubbing

  1. page 2 .. ps hope you all like my videos ???? you all need to go on we site v for voltage
    let me no what you all think ..???? kev

  2. well as i can see no problems hear .. if you meen rubbing is the break calliper rubbing on the wheel motor ??
    if its what i think it is its becouse the distance it very tite and theres not too much play in the movment in the calipers and thats normal !! for the evt as you will be aware that it has exelent breaks for the age ..???? all i used ti do is give a bang to the caliper every so often and wipe the disc down and hey presto one fine mother page 1

  3. I’m looking into getting one of these EVT 168’s….how do you like yours?? Other than this problem 😉

  4. EVT 168 Hub motor – rubbing my Evt 4000e did rub but it was not the Hub motor rubbing it was the disc pads rubbing remove the disc pads and refitt

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