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This is a general talk on the profiles of some front-line global car makers to BTech & MTech students in an Indian engineering college. GM, though not very successful, is back again as the biggest global car maker. Ford captures Asian markets. Toyota has two variants, Scion[for the youth] & Lexus[for the rich]. Last years’ huge recall to rectify pedal-sensor-complaints, manifested their quality-consciousness. ‘Transporter’ hero Jason Stathum, added to the popularity of Audi. Porsche remains an exciting sports car. Bugati’s power leaped from 1000 to 1200HP in one year. Honda’s Hydrogen-fueled car is gaining momentum. GM Volt also is getting upgraded. Surprisingly, Rolls-Royce came up with an all-electric version with about 175km in one charge, 160 kmph top speed, 388HP, 0-100 kmph in 8 seconds, all with 96 lithium-ion cells. A wireless induction charging pad can charge the two battery packs in 9 hours. And the Queen Elizabeth’s old Bentley, used in the recent ‘William-Kate Middleton royal marriage’ made us nostalgic. And the first Indian Harley Davidson Vrod was bought by a Kerala lady in Bangalore. BMW remains in the front line-luxury with Mercedes Benz. The Chinese car giant Geely has its own university now to educate and train its future employees. So has ‘Infosys’, India’s most charismatic IT firm. Its university can accommodate 14000 students, the biggest corporate university in Asia.

Preview of Joandkaa’s blog at TravelPod. Read the full blog here: www.travelpod.com This blog preview was made by TravelPod using the TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow creator. Entry from: Delhi, India Entry Title: “Delhi Mayhem….” Entry: “We were in Mysore for a further couple of days where I failed to resist the urge and sampled half of the menu in the pizza corner branch conveniently located next door to our hotel. The highlight of the remainder of our time in Mysore was a visit to the silk factory, where the famous Mysore silk saris are made. We were treated to an awe-inspiring, eye-popping tour of the factory (at our leisure) where incredibly complex machines and highly skilled technicians combined to create the beautiful gold-embroidered fabrics. Sadly we weren’t allowed to take the camera in, and nor could we realistically buy anything as carting it round for five months was not much of an option. The sandalwood factory we visited later that day was not quite as enthralling – due mainly to the complete absence of wood or factory workers! We left there a little disappointed, which became a little bitter when our Rickshaw driver tright to pull a fast one and took us round the mullberry bush a couple of times. Thankfully we had clocked him pretty early and had his number. That afternoon we strolled round the serene setting of Kallacachi Lake (almost certainly misspelled!), a haven for birds and in particular Painted Storks, Snake Birds, Pelicans and Purple Herons (see
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  1. Hi Heros Your students liked the talk? It may have inspired them. None cover such topics in College. Your elaborate written description is very helpful.

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