17 thoughts on “Go-Ped factory tour

  1. The direct drive models allow them to be smaller, lighter, and more maneuverable with more power going directly to the rear wheel while having fewer moving parts that require periodic service. Direct drive models are the most powerful, lightest, and most fuel efficient model available for their engine size. This does not mean the direct drive models are the best model for everyone but these are the reasons why they have been a successful model for 30 years. No other scooter can claim that.

  2. a scooter with out a clutch is stupid only go-ped would have a stupid idea like that. I mean come on

  3. It’s actually better to give it gas after you get the rear wheel turning. The engine then starts itself so you can give it gas to go. Give it gas to soon can cause the scooter to want to take off before your ready.

  4. Sounds like you have a direct drive model like a Sport. I love my Sport and take it with me everywhere but you need to learn how to operate it since it does not have a clutch. Since it’s direct drive more of the engine power goes directly into driving the wheel making it more responsive, maneuverable, and powerful then any clutch drive scooter with the same engine.
    Watch my video on the Sport model walk-around it may help.

  5. push off and hold the gas??? sounds like its the one that does not have a clutch so you have to push off and hold the gas and it gos.

  6. Hello I love my goped I am wondering what is up with the pullstart? I dont see how to use it because as soon as I tough the wheel down it stalls

  7. Smart, 10 is a little young for most to have the ability manage a powered vehicle responsibility and safely anyways.

  8. He may have a little trouble starting push starting a Sport at first but should be find after he/she figures out the technique. A Super X-Ped is a little over kill for him unless you think he is going to be like Evil Kenevil.

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