How can you ride a three wheel tandem bike?

Question by Jake (AKA Captain Crash): How can you ride a three wheel tandem bike?
I built a tandem bike with three wheels, and only the front rider can pedal. I tried to ride it, and when I’m alone, the rear bike swings around, hits me, and throws me over. When I ride with someone else, the bike just tips over. I can hold it up, but every time I try to take off, it falls and it seems like an elephant is pushing it down for all the good I could do to hold it up.
Shoot… Just realized, I mean three in line.

Best answer:

Answer by Sherwood P
It sounds like the third bike is free to move around it’s headtube, which would make the bike nearly impossible to control. I’d say you’d be best off making sure that that’s fixed. If it is it may just be that the bike is too heavy and too cumbersome of effectively control.

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