How to Pick a Bicycle : Tandem Bike Parts

Expert cyclist talks about Tandem bike parts and components, like chain wheels and pedals, and the benefits of riding Tandem bicycles in this free bikingvideo series. Expert: Aaron Phillips Bio: Aaron Phillips teaches at the University of Utah and has lead several bike tours. He’s also logged multiple wins as a cross-country racer. Filmmaker: Mike Phillips
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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13 thoughts on “How to Pick a Bicycle : Tandem Bike Parts

  1. you can you just adjust the timing chain. It’s useful for smoothing out the power and making sure the tandem can’t stall ever. You do have to make sure that pedals aren’t touching the ground on tight bends but this is manageable if the captain’s tandem is 45 deg forwards and the stoker’s is 45 deg backwards

  2. The biggest handicap of a tandem is transportation. It does not fit on a regular trailer hitch rack. Til now we ride out from the house, but my wife limits it to a fifteen mile radius As her rear gets stronger, hopefully we will extend that distance.

  3. The whole point of the tandem is that both people can ride together. This requires a compromise on pace and you cannot pedal out of phase with a 90 degree offset

  4. For that price you will find nothing decent new. Buy a used quality bike such as Burley at that price point.

  5. lots of tandems have both chains on one side. the timing chain can go on either side and is not “unique” at all to a tandem.

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